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Adding email simply does not work

Tried many times

Very limite

Very limited you only can have one account link to one email reminds me of early days of paypal in 90’s

Best banking/cash app!!!

I use it to easily transfer funds from one bank to another. It’s fast, easy, and no hidden fees! I’ve recommended this app to everyone I know. I will continue to use and refer.

Terrible app

Not flexible... this is App is faaaar from the convenience of Paypal and other Apps.

Overly complicated

Tried using this app multiple times with multiple people and it didn’t work a single time. Cash app and Venmo are way better and more straightforward.

Great but !!!???

I love this app I get my money within a min of my man putting money in my account, I live with him so I know as soon as he hits the send button the money is I mediately in my account!!!!! But when I went to change banks I had to go throu some time with the service agent as new as they are , she was unsure how to delete the bank I left to put the info in the app for my new bank . In the end we got it figured out , but you can only use ONE BANKING ACCOUNT TO Send and receive money.! So think they need to fix that part . Not every one has just one account my man has several accounts has he has a lot of biz. Just saying z fix these problems !!! Thanks

The worst

Don’t bother. I haven’t written an app review in ages but this app is so terrible that all should be warned. My credit union isn’t on the short list of automatically Zelle connected banks. Still the app is supposed to be able deposit in one’s account via a debit card connection. The app sent me 4 codes via email and one code via text NONE OF THE CODES WORKED. I spent over 22 minutes on the phone with Zelle customer service. With no solution or real explanation. I finally bailed when the next suggestion was to completely power down my phone and they would call me back, in hopes that might work. Instead I called my friend and said “Please write me a check.”

Does not work

I downloaded the app. It will not let me register.... It was recommended by BofA, what were they thinking?

Had a surgery scheduled Zelle kept money to pay for it

My attorney tried to send me the money for my surgery today and your app put a hold on it. Now I have to cancel the surgery and deal with this for another 30 days or so. Your app does not transfer in minutes and should be removed from ever stating that. STAY FAR AWAY FROM THIS APP. ITS A RIP-OFF.


Warning do not use this app to send money please don’t I’m warning you. You will get scammed I got scammed and Zelle won’t do anything to get my money back I don’t know what to do and they’re not helping

Scammers paradise!

Zelle takes no responsibility for any transactions it facilitates. If someone is scammed Zelle will make no effort to right the situation and will instead defer you to your bank who will Turn around and explain that Zelle is the one with the scammer’s information. In other words, you get no recourse and scammers know this, making Zelle the playground for scams.

Very rude

These people are so rude I have been using this app for about two weeks been sending and receiving money just so happen that yesterday they decided that they didn’t want me to keep my profile so today I got in touch with someone and they said that my bank wasn’t eligible anymore and I ask why she tells me that’s all the info she has and so I asked her again and she goes and tells me that they aren’t going to tell me so I right nicely told the lady about herself and hung up on her please and I mean please do not download this app

Phone # wont continue to work if you upgrade phone 😡

Had an iPhone 6, used app, all worked fine. Upgraded my phone to an iPhone X, downloaded the app on my new phone, attempted to log in, and stated my phone number was already in use. (From my old, now reset with all info cleared). After emailing company, received the response about 48 hrs later that “because of the sensitive nature” I was required to call during business hours to speak with a rep. After multiple attempts, and countless time on hold, I gave up. Can’t access my previous phone/app, cant log in on my new phone/app. Who keeps the same phone forever?! There should be a better process for this so you can log in to app with the same phone number ... or at least a way to reset a phone number with secure verification - which, in my opinion, is NOT via some random person on the telephone.


Honestly save yourself the headache and just use cashapp.

Just. Terrible.

My plan was to come here to write a long detailed message about how terrible this app is but all of the other 1 star reviews have it covered. Horrible password reset process, subpar security features for an app attached to your bank account, WEEKLY send limit of $500. An absolute joke of an application. Avoid this and use cash app.

The worst

If you have friends or family members have them pay the extra cost to avoid zelle. Their support is the worst. I got transferred money from a parent who uses Wells Fargo and I was unable to make an account. After multiple errors I spoke to their support who simply said I was not able to have an account with them. No additional information was provided even when I kept asking so I know what I could do to get my money. The money is now in limbo. Zelle is the absolute worst.


Constantly making me re register for zelle when I have already registered 3 times already!!!! My funds have yet to go into my account and my phone and email are registered as well. This is nonsense and not a convenient way of sending money. Will not use again.

Do not use if you don't have affiliate bank

I had a friend get me to try thins. Although they make it seem like if you have a bank that's not an affiliate bank it will work (and they take your personal info and debit card info. Stupid me..) and it allows you to complete registration and install the app, it still wouldn't work. Tech support told me to call my bank and see if they would work with Zelle or get affiliated with them. No where in the setup did it mention that I should do that before registering my card (stupid me). A request to delete my account and all my information was denied too. All they will do is inactivate it. They said they are super secure and no one will hack them. I should have known better and hope this helps someone else from making the same mistake

Waste of time

Sooo many problems with every aspect there are plenty of apps that do it way better go somewhere else trust me


Horrible not able to set up


I feel bad giving a 1-star but can’t do much when there’s no 0-star option. So much for making mobile transfer easier. Time spent on making advert could have been channeled towards a better app. “We’re sorry there’s an issue” Of course there is!


Worst money app EVER!!!! Use Venmo instead


When I was with a major bank there were no issues sending or receiving money with Zelle. Now that I’ve moved to a credit union and started using the standalone app it’s been a nightmare. The app itself routinely gives login errors with no error code and logs in without Face/Touch ID or a password. The service is a complete disaster, there are so many caveats they don’t warn you about when you try to use the app; I changed carriers (not phone numbers) and was told on my second call to 2nd level support that this caused a problem with my account. Prior to this I was told things were fine, so we sent money a second time. At the end of this call I was informed that my phone number had to be disconnected and “fixed” on their systems but that I could send or receive money using my email address. We tried a third time, with the same result. On my third call I was told that I can’t actually do anything while my account is in disconnected status. This has been a headache we didn’t really need, and I won’t be reinstalling this app. Don’t bother, this is more trouble than it’s worth.


I was locked out of Zelle while trying to make an account for the FIRST TIME, which was red flag number one. From there, the app directs me to call support. The first level agent says she can see if I'm locked out and proceeds to ask me who I bank with so she can help find out why I'm locked out. I decline and she then says "well I'll need to transfer you to get you account unlocked. So the first agent asked for info she didn't need THEN I get transferred to 2nd level support who tells me she doesn't know why I'm locked out, can't fix it because the "system" determines who's eligible. I ask "eligibility based on what?" Still no answer. So LONG STORY SHORT ZELLE SUPPORT HAS NO IDEA WHY I CANT USE ZELLE & THE AGENTS JUST WANT YOUR INFO. GREAT HELP 🚮


So it worked for the first three days and then I couldn’t do any thing and they said it was because my bank had zelle through their app and I couldn’t use the zelle app any more. It would’ve been a good app if only it kept working:(


This is the most frustrating, worthless app I’ve ever encountered. I text help as per instructions and call the number only to find yourself in a black hole of “customer service.” Why banks would partner with them is beyond comprehension. PNC perform your due diligence and cancel this relationship.


Setup is cumbersome, after receiving email re: funds I followed their steps, check for my bank (nope) , then checked on my banks site for link (nope), then download mobile app, use same email as the recvd email from Zelle. No pending transactions, called support (which closes in 1 hour) speak to someone at length- unable to provide any information. Asks me to wait an hour and try again. Convenient that they will be closed then. : (. Also annoying to listen to recording on support line about 'fast & easy' & 'immediate'. Process is anything but. Over an hour now. Surprise- NO activity. Just use @cashapp. It is actually instant, unlike this service. Not sure how much more time it will take to resolve. : |

Still haven’t received money

Don’t trust this scam app unless you want to lose your money. The customer service will give you the run around. DONT USE!

Horrible App and Horrible Service

Worst app I have ever used and the customer service is terrible. This company will be out of business soon.

Phone Network

If you’ve read the main review that details how this app doesn’t work on minor carrier networks please be advised that t does. I have Metro PCS and my roomate has Cricket and the app works flawlessly.

Bad exp

Not a user friendly app.. especially “ take a photo “ option doesn’t work..


Sent money to a friend who is also enrolled in zelle. Even have the same bank. 3 days and she has still not received the money. If the only feature of this that is supposed to be better than PayPal or Venmo is speed, it fails. I could have mailed a check in the time it is taking.

Doesn’t work. Another Scam

This app doesn’t work. I can’t set it up despite me knowing my card is fine. Can’t withdraw any money either. It’s a I her scam where Zella is making money on all the money stuck in accounts.

Piece of crap!

It doesn’t work with business accounts. When I tried to change my account, it just kept taking me circles back to the same refresh page.

Worst Customer Service

Deleted the app. No one will help you solve any issues. Don’t download.


"Sent" money to a friend. Except they cancelled my transaction 2x. Called them up to fix problem and I was assured the 3rd would go through. Still pending. WASTE OF TIME. Stick with Venmo!

Easy money.

This app is great sending and receiving money in a snap. Works every time weather it is across town or across the country. Thanks

Worst Money App

Tried to link my bank account multiple times, but it kept telling me that it’s unable to connect to my account. I have never experienced such a hassle with a money app before. Very irritating. Screw this app.

Worst Customer Service

I been using Zelle through my bank for a few months, and yes it fast and easy service at first. However, God forbid you make a mistake and send your money by accident to a wrong number it is hell to cancel it. I tried canceling it through my mobile bank app, no luck. I tried canceling it through the Zelle app and none of the security codes Zelle sent me work and I got locked out of was advised to call customer service to unlock my account. Absolutely no help there either. The customer service agents had no solutions, they put you onto their technical support agents with a case number which is just another dead end. Zella’s technical support agents are not only rude, but refuse to provide you any information in regards to your account, or offer you any solutions to resolving your issue. I had to resort to forums online to figure out how to help myself. You’ll find they have an “oh well, too bad” type of attitude. By far the worse customer service of any money transfer service.


Made it five so People would read it.Won’t let me start a new debit card😡😠

Cant add my card - doesn't work

Spent last hour trying to add my card and it keeps saying invalid.. Called my bank and they said there are over 15 authorizatjons from Zelle which they at successfully approving. No customer service from Zelle to ask for help - definitely disappointing.. After all the hype and great advertising around Zelle I expect it to at least work.


I used it once, it was fine. When I tried to use it a second time all I get is an error. When I tried Google pay and the Cash app I found those didn’t work either. Upon calling my bank I was told that VISA no longer allows these transactions because of fraud. Use this app at your own risk.


Long ago, before the developers of this app existed, there were are regulations very specific about institutions that can transfer funds legally and if you do not follow those regulations you would be shut down. In fact, these regulations have been modified to be more strict over the years because of cyber hacks like situation at Target. While I appreciate opportunity to transfer money easily, it breaks the regulatory restrictions of the banks that you partnered with. Also the process of xsfering $ allows you to register by any email address or telephone number and it is very difficult to figure out how to alter that email address or remove an improperly entered email address for transfer. In my case a transferee used an old email address. I could not obtain funds thru it. Also, the app pushes “convenience” by connecting it access to ALL contacts. This is the opposite of the regulatory systems for banking. I would say it’s putting banks outside of regulation- dangerous because many people don’t even realize, especially in android, what contacts are on the phone, and the phone owner may never want to have anything to do with some Russian contacts.Or infected phone. The option to choose “no” in contact sharing is not a legal out. The program mist NEVER ask for contacts. How dumb are the banks to allow cyber end points like Android phones to connect banks to money transfers and contacts? You should just NEVER be able the link contacts to Zelle. As a security precaution that is not yet regulated, an app like this should force people to manually enter all contacts and never link them from the phone address book to the app.


This makes 2 calls to tech support to be able to receive money after being forced to use this app.. The first support person basically told me that “I had to realize somethings may not be compatible” when I questioned why my bank account was forcibly switched to my second account and I couldn’t switch it back to the primary account. Now, I’m sitting on hold because the app locked me out after changing my password.... Quickpay worked just fine... Terrible app and tech support

The worst app - have had to re-enroll like 20 times

This app is the worst and biggest waste of time among all the financial transaction apps. For some reason, i have to call customer service almost monthly to re-enroll and each time I have to wait on hold forever, get someone with horrid english who cannot help and needs to transfer me to level 2 service, and then wait on hold forever again until the issue is fixed. They have wasted hours of my time. Chase please get a new app for your quickpay service!

Can only use one financial institution

This app is designed for a person who has all their money at one bank. I happen to use 3 different institutions and because I’m registered under a large FI who uses Zelle I can’t use the app to send money from any of my other accounts. It’s absurd to think that a person has all their accounts at one bank in this day and age with all the identity theft. I’m not transferring money amongst my own accounts, I simply want to use it to access another of my accounts to send my friend some money to help them during a hard time.

2 hours wasted

Before you read this. Don’t replace CashApp with Zelle. This trash app has limited banking companies. And not very account friendly. I entered my same credentials that I have on all my other billing addresses and it keeps saying its wrong. After my last attempt I was locked out of my account. Then when calling the customer service number, they couldn’t even help. I read them the billing address I have from my amazon, Hulu, and Netflix all the same and they still couldn’t get it to work. Just don’t bother with this app. Really worthless.

Delayed verification email makes it impossible to finish registering

I have been trying literally all day to verify my new account. The Zelle app asks for not just an email verification, but also an email. I use Google, and it takes over half an hour to get the email verification. By the time it arrives, you get automatically logged out of the app and have to do all the verifications again - and subsequently wait another half hour for this lagging, delayed email (sends you a new code every time). It’s an endless circle of nothingness and it’s suuuuuper frustrating. Please fix this ASAP.

Messed up payments multiple times

The first major issue was that when I swapped phone carriers/phones, my entire profile was deleted WITHOUT any notification to me. I just couldn’t log in one day and called support, who informed me that apparently accounts are linked to your phone, so switching phones erases you from Zelle. Fine. Whatever. I should have received notification that I had been deleted from the system. Then once I recreated my account and added my phone number and email address, I contacted someone I was expecting money from, who said they’d already paid through Zelle via my email address and that it had been cleared from her account. I had received nothing. Called support and they told me I needed to manually turn on my email to receive payments. Again, this is something I didn’t have to do the first time, and if I enter my email address, I expect to be able to receive payments that way. The person who was paying me received their payment back in their account a few days later. Finally, turned on the email to receive payment and she tried again....only to receive a notification that I had disabled my email address from receiving payments when she tried again to pay me AS I WAS LOOKING at the settings page showing that I’d turned on my email address. She finally was able to send and I received via my phone number. But it’s ridiculous that I’ve had to work this hard to “easily” transfer funds. Notifications must be improved. The process must be improved. The only reason it’s two stars instead one of is because it worked fine on my first phone for the few payments I received and I did eventually get my funds this time. I’m hoping this may get someone’s attention.

Very upset!

After filling in app registration and entering initial verification codes, I send final submit. It errored out. Called Zelle. She could verify my in process registration (so they have a photo of my debit card and Cv code, name, address, etc). I was told they couldn’t generate verification codes right now, try later. I called my bank and they said they do not deal with Zelle so it never will. After giving all this info out, I was not comfortable leaving my card active. End result: I don’t trust Zelle.

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