Zelle App Reviews

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User friendly app

Almost too easy to use... great app for families in different states.

Needs updating

Instantly goes to your account ! Texts both the receiver and sender when the transaction is done .. my only issue is, when I try to transfer to certain contacts and I know that they have the app, zelle will tell me that the person doesn’t have the app. That has happened with 3 of my contacts so far and it is very bothersome.

Tooo Good

This is the most convenient and easy way to transfer fund and receive them! Just living this app right now😍😍

Horrible customer service

Absolutely awful customer service. It took 12 calls to get my issues resolved. They have no idea what they are doing. I loved this app until I had to deal with the customer support. I’m deleting this app, o can’t image what else these idiots will do.

No Auto-Pay, Can’t Delete Account

I downloaded the app for the sole purpose of using it for monthly auto pay to transfer funds to a family member. I realized that there is not an option to do this. Tried to delete my account, but you have to call customer service in order to do this. No way to cancel your own account through the app. I do not recommend.

Terrible. Good luck getting money that was sent to you

Set up was awful. Incomparable with my iPad I downloaded it onto my phone. Four try’s to get the verification code through my e-mail in time to get past the first hurdle. Bank didn’t register, then my visa debit card wouldn’t register. With repeated attempts and another card later it has glitched and seized more often than I counted. Terrible and untrustworthy app.


Problem after problem!! Stay away from this! Now I find out I'm not eligible all of a sudden. Bunch of horse S!

Too easy for scams

Super easy transfer - too easy. The way this works, anyone can pick up your phone and send your money to themselves. Zelle has no office that investigates fraud and scammers, and will tell you it’s your bank’s problem. PayPal is more reliable in my experience. Be careful.


This app doesn’t work! Done bother!


This app is so trash makes me mad as HECK

Best Money Transfer App

Fast and easy!! I love it

Start censoring/banning I am out.

Don’t do like Paypal and start banning and censoring people using the excuse it is hate speech. Do that and I’m out.

Great app

Love it

Mr. salco

It won’t let me send more than $500.00 per week.

So easy to defraud NEVER USE THIS APP

All someone has to do is agree to sell you something like concert tickets, they will tell you that they will send them electronically, once you send the money it is gone forever. There is no way to file a dispute like on PayPal, once your money is gone it is gone. This is an app made by a bunch of banks but they will not stand behind the security of it. NEVER USE THIS APP, CRIMINALS KNOW THAT ONCE THE FUNDS ARE TRANSFERRED ITS GONE.

Unable to get started

Have an US based number +1 (787) ###-##### Says I have an invalid phone number.

This app never works

I just want to log in and this app won’t even let me do that. I will never spend hours on hold.

Can’t Even Enroll and Don’t Want to Now

So I don’t really do reviews. But after two days of trying to enroll in Zelle, I’ve been unable to do so. There’s always an issue that directs me to talk to customer service. I don’t know about you, but I don’t have 1-3 hours of my day to spend on hold. There’s a 14 day refund policy for the person who sent me the money. I’m going to try to get them to call and cancel the transaction, but I don’t have high hopes. Do yourself a favor and do anything else. Anything at all.


This is an awesome way to send $ to friends and family!!!!


This is a wonderful app. Great to be able to pay people instantly.

Easy, Speed, No-Hassle

I’m a senior citizen that loves this app. It has eliminated getting account numbers, mailing checks or paying large sums to send a few dollars. It also makes it easy for my family to send me funds!

Is trash

It is not support my debit card


Brilliant app to use

Use anything else

Let me send money but not receive money so now I can't get paid back or receive my paychecks. Didn't teach their Wells Fargo counterparts anything about the app so they couldn't help, and their customer service line hung up on me multiple times. You are better off using a carrier pigeon. Probably faster and less of a hassle

Don’t bother

If your bank isn’t already set up to work with zelle don’t bother with the app. They lead you to believe you can receive and use funds through the app without your bank’s involvement but that’s not the case.

Worked the first time, but never again

The first time I used the app a few months ago, everything worked fine and it sent the money without any issue. But every time I’ve tried since then, it withdraws the money from my account, then immediately deposits the same amount back to my account, marked as CORRECTION, and I get some error about failure to process transaction. After several calls to support, they were unable to help, and my bank said everything seems to be set up fine. They see the money being withdrawn then immediately returned. So my bank statement is now cluttered with these withdraw/deposit pairs from multiple failed attempts. This is irritating... I never have this type of issue with Facebook messenger payments. And support apparently has no clue how to help.

Doesn’t work at all!

This is the first app I have ever been an able to even open. It doesn’t work at all.

Best App

Wayyyy better than the cash app , the money goes straight to your bank account immediately . No charge

If I could rate this zero, I would

They could not "verify my address based on public record". There are two legal versions of my address... Which I specified to the tech support agent. He couldn't or wouldn't tell me which address he tried. Then hung up on me when I asked questions regarding the verification process. This is useless for people who use credit unions or live at more complicated addresses.



Happy customer

Easy and convenient! Thank you Zelle!


Having Zelle to start with was easy. Having the app is even easier. Now I don’t have to log on to my banking to transfer money. Just pop open the app.

Great app

Excellent app fast and convenient !

Blocks people out for no reason!

I was using this app just fine to send and receive money and it was working ok, it just had some issues when someone would send me money using my email. One day I was going to login to my account and it said “there was suspicious activity with my number and that they blocked my number.” It directed me to a phone number to call and when I spoked to a representative she said that “I was not eligible to use the app anymore and that it didn’t give her a reason why.” So I was so confused and I told her “you guys just block random people out for no reason at all” she says “I’m sorry I can’t give you a better answer that’s all I can tell you it doesn’t tell me why you’re not eligible.” So I just deleted the app and I’m going to continue using Venmo which has NEVER done anything like this.

Great and easy to use

The app is very easy to use it easy to send money to my family instead of going to the bank pretty good so far!!


The best way to pay anything to anybody, no more excuses❗️


I have literally never had success using this app either directly or through my bank. Not one payment has ever been successful. And no, it’s not a matter of the money not being in my account. The three times I have tried to use this to pay my rent after my landlord set it up, I thought everything was fine until about 2 weeks later when the money came back to my account. This app/feature is a useless piece of trash. I will go back to driving my happy a** to the bank and depositing my rent in my Landlord’s account.

It’s my money!

Quick, easy and free!

Useless app

This app is trash. Following the steps doesn’t help. It doesn’t recognize a valid debit card and it doesn’t offer an option of entering a router number.

Quickest transfer eveeeerrrrr

Love love love this app. And it’s user friendly for senior citizens.

Could be improved

Can’t save favorites- I have to re enter info every time


This app is pretty amazing! Daddy got paid! Lightning fast!


Great App! Fast & Reliable

Fast and easy!

I have a son who’s in college. Nuff said!

Cancelled with no explanation.

I was using Zelle to collect rent from a tenant and to pay a contractor doing work in my home. All of a sudden I was told I could no longer use Zelle for fraudulent activity. I tried to call and talk to someone and they said they couldn’t give me any further details. This is unacceptable.

Great app

This has been a life saver in several occasions. Getting money to a college student in a hurry has been a blessing.

Love this amazing app!

This app is free and so simple and quick to use!! Greatest app I’ve downloaded in forever!!♥️

Send limit

The $350.00 limit when doing an inter bank transfer at CoMerica is a problem.

Pretty easy and quick

Totally recommend this app. Better than Venmo. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

Cannot link My Zelle to my bank

To whom it may concern, Cannot link Zelle to my Bank of America. I have downloaded the app but cannot link them. Await reply. Thank you

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