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If you hate someone, send them money through Zelle.

I was sent money via Zelle. Unfortunately, my bank is not supported, so I had to call support and was put on hold a few times and transferred to a higher tier of support. I was in the que for over 30 minutes. In the end the transfer was cancelled and sent via another application. You can see that the high reviews are all for supported banks but if your bank isn’t supported you are SOL. It may take a little longer receive or send money with other apps such as PayPal or Venmo but at least you know that it will get delivered, and there’s comfort and security in knowing that it will.


This works great! I haven’t used it through the app but I have used it through my bank app. I sent money to my sister and she received it immediately. Not like other ones where you have to transfer the money to the bank and wait a couple of days for it to appear. 😊😊😊😊


“Login failed”

Update your app!

Can’t connect to banks! Sends me to the App Store even though I already have my Banks app downloaded and then the whole thing becomes mute. Can’t even set it up.

Agree to all other reviews

This app simple DON’T WORK.............


App will not take a picture or accept my credit union’s account information manually, logs user out for inactivity while typing in information, and is now locked due to multiple attempts to enter my info. I have been on hold waiting for “tier 2” support for over an hour total, after having been promised priority handling and a move to the top of the queue. I’m told customer support can’t contact technical support directly and no one but tech support can unlock the account. Also, the sender can’t cancel the transaction from their end. Meaning my money is stuck in the ether until someone from Zelle decides to answer the phone.

Invalid Phone Number

I tried to log in to register my info and it says invalid phone number.

Useless-No Support

This app is completely useless. I spent hours trying to get this to work and waiting on hold for these people. Terrible app terrible service just mail a check it will be faster and less frustrating.

This app is AMAZING!!

I love Zelle for the convenience of being able to send money in a matter of seconds to my loved ones and friends. Also, I love being able to send money between my two partner banks with ease. The bad reviews for this app are related to a couple issues that I have read about. Hopefully I can shed some light and help a couple users with my review. 1. Users have debit cards that aren’t compatible to send/receive funds because their bank doesn’t support it. I looked into this issue and it turns out some banks choose to limit the features your debit cards have! 2. The customer service definitely wasn’t bad in my experience. The wait times could always be improved, but when I called I was able to get assistant and my problem was resolved. The representative I spoke with assured me that Zelle has only been around since September and they are constantly growing. The more I use Zelle, the less I use PayPal and other payment services. I think everyone should give this app a try!

Garbage! Waste of life. Stay away!

If you change any email or phone number information, you have to wait 30 days to use it. And you can only use one bank if you use the same email or phone number for different banks. Garbage!!

Refused to work with me

Requested a cancellation as outlined in the Service Agreement and when I asked for a confirmation number or written documentation I was told they DO NIT OFFER THAT to customers. I asked to speak with management and was put on hold FOREVER, then was told I could talk to someone in Marketing to help me out with my account. Marketing doesn’t do that job bro, give me a break!! THIS COMPANY IS SUPPOSED TO BE BBB ACCREDITED BUT I DOUBT IT!!

Terrible support, doesn't work

After spending 40 minutes on the phone with extremely rude and incompetent tech support, I was told that "maybe it doesn't work with my bank". If you don't bank with an evil mega bank, you probably won't be able to use Zelle. Don't bother with it, there are so many other better methods. The tech support talk down to you and mess up repeatedly, and don't seem to understand anything about electronics. Also, you might have a hard time if you don't use one of the three major cell carriers too.


Pretty good to be able to move $$$$ this way. Way more control. I like it.

Infuriating set up

The set up is infuriating. If you move back on steps it deletes everything you previously entered. You can’t paste your password or verification code. (I don’t know who manually sets passwords anymore? Don’t we all have apps for that?) If your bank isn’t part of their system you can take a picture of your debit card, but only the number captures. Not your name or exp date which you have to manually enter. Terrible interaction design. Too much cognitive load on the user. I would have preferred receiving a written check that I can easily photograph and deposit in 2 steps.

Pretty Good

Pretty good overall app. Just wish you could send more than $300 a week 😒



Not good

Terrible app that’s a nightmare to configure. Use Venmo instead.


Starting over! Kept saying unavailable to connect to Internet! I cannot request payment! But can receive! I have to text client to send payment very frustrating

So simple to use.

I wish this app would show your picture or minor detail on the front page other than only in the settings gear but that doesn’t change my mind of how awesome this app is. Free transfer has never been better and faster from BofA to any other Financial Institution.


This app is a scam. It DOES NOT WORK. We did a money transfer of $1000 four days ago. Zelle has taken the money from the originating account and after four days has not deposited the money nor made an attempt to. A thousand dollars is in cyber limbo somewhere. Makes me wonder if they are depositing the consumer’s money in an interest bearing account for several days...hence the unreasonable delay. WHERE IS MY MONEY!??? If you have a similar situation, contact the FCC to complain. This app needs to be shut down before more consumers are caught in their fraud.


If your bank doesn’t have native support you’ll forever be stuck with a $300 weekly limit. No way to increase it. Their phone support just hung up on me pretending to not be able to hear me. Even signing up for it was a huge pain requiring me to call in and spend forever on hold. Awful experience all around.

Not working

No matter what you do, send, request or split, the app will give you error messages every time. In this way, the app functions consistently. Such a shame!


Poorly designed and nonfunctional app.


I love this app because is easy to move money from bank to bank thanks

Horrifically terrible

App has so many flaws it is a waste of energy to list them all. Heed the all the negative reviews and do not use Zelle. I have no vested interest here. This app is horrible in its current state, v.1.2.2. I will take my daughter's advice and use Venmo.

Basic interface and always required latest ios

This app requires the latest version of ios 11. Should document that. Interface is basic - but does work! I have had issues where I couldn't get it to work. The fix was always the latest SW and OS - developers should consider backwards compatibility. Everyone doesn't always want to move to latest/greatest.

Poor Replacement for ClearXChange

App is barebones as is customer service should you have any questions. Definitely not what you’d expect from a bank related service. Hoping my bank will soon enable me to bypass use altogether.

0 star rating app

Bad app, bad costumer service, if you call and they send you to the “2nd lever tech service” is not gonna get any better... DELETED

Missing $130!!!

I just downloaded this app to leave a review. I bank through USAA and they provide the option to send money to other USAA members using Zelle. I sent $100 to my mom and the money was taken out of my account but never made it to hers and I have yet to see that $100 back. I sent her another $30 and the same thing. This is crap. I want my $130 back.

Horrendous. Banks- plz stop partnering with zelle

Simple scenario: friend with first bank account tries to send $85 to me, a us bank account holder. I spent just over 2 hours trying to get my us bank zelle to just recognize the payment that she sent. I kept getting alerts from her firstbank zelle saying the money would expire if I didn't claim it. So I know the money was sent- just impossible to process. Dear developers at Zelle, venmo is winning by a landslide. My friend downloaded venmo in a matter of minutes and the money was sent and delivered smoothly and without the acrobatics of Zelle's disorganized platform.

Not ready for prime time

This app is really great in concept, but for this user, has utterly failed. I get all kinds of fail errors like "unable to generate risc" when trying to send money, it sometimes will not let me log in. Says payments didn't go in a timely manner "check your activity" to basically see if it worked??? Are you kidding me? It's basically saying "we think it worked , but we're not really sure" (I'm paraphrasing of course). Try again. Fist level help center is out of country, so you will have someone apologize for making you wait on hold and the apology takes longer than the hold time! As I white this, I am on hold for elevated customer support (38 minutes and counting). Elevated help is better, but ultimately this app is still about 10% reliable. Please Zelle people. Get it right BEFORE you release it to the public.

Worst App for money transfers

This app is just a waste of time! Worst guest service, won't accept Numbers from T-Mobile. Don't download this app. 0

Can’t set it up

My roommate sent me rent through here and when you select Bank of America as your bank, they take you to the App Store’s page for the BOA app. When you click “open” for the BoA app, nothing happens. Real nice.


If i could give zero stars i would ! I have no clue why clear xchange changed to Zelle. Money was sent 4 days ago & still wasn’t received! I’ve been on hold over 2 hrs waiting on level 2 support. Your better off going to Walmart & spending $6 to send money. I feel sorry for the people that have to deal with this crappy company or app!!!

Horrible app and support

Not even worth 1 star. Spent hours between trying to get the app setup and dealing w customer service only to be told tell it was my banks fault. I would rather write checks than deal with Zelle.

Waste of my time

20 mins spent trying to register - app wanted me to sign user agreement but crashed every time I tried the link. The card scanner sucked too. Venmo so much easier to use in my experience. You ain't getting my custom Zelle.

Worst customer service

This app has the worst customer service I have ever seen in my life. If your bank does not support Zelle, don’t bother using this service as it will make you crazy. I was trying to enter my debit card number that I encountered a problem and after several attempa my profile locked out. contacted Zelle support. Level 1 can literally do nothing for you just asks your information and puts you on hold for ever. I was on hold for several hours in several attempts in 4days to reach their level 2 support. I wven send them an email and provided my case number and mentioned that I was on hold for a long time but no ine got back to me in this 4days. I gave up. I am not going to use this service nor recommend it to anyone else.


These thieves stay in business by keeping the money from transactions that can’t be completed because of their faulty software or other complications. Don’t let them keep yours.

Verify recipient details

Require 2 pieces of information. Email and phone # of the recipient. To avoid sending it to the wrong person.


Terrible company. Created a profile and it automatically created profiles for other apps. SCAM. The actual app does not even work and seems extremely insecure.


I would give it any stars if I could every single time I needed to transfer money I wouldn’t accept any payments after a couple of days the app stopped working all together said I had to call customer service and got to be on hold for an hour I gave up after that 🙄

Best app

Love it you can send money in minutes

Don’t use zellee

This system is terrible. Spent over 1.5 hours on the phone because of problems on their end. WHY do ANY of these financial institutions use this company as the ONLY way to transfer funds? Someone it these institutions should pull their support and find a company that can actually function. They don’t even have website access to accounts; and it works only over certain carriers? What if I’m out of the country? Just terrible.

Crap app

Very limited use with banks and carriers and WiFi. Can only register and use Zelle with one bank. Use Venmo instead, it’s easy and works every time.


Most exasperating customer service experience ever, which is to say none at all

Don't work

I used my debit card in order to receive my transfer but the app shows a problem and they don't tell me what is the problem.

Annoying app!

It doesn't work with my bank. Really annoying. Not to mention it took me a TON of time/energy to figure out that is the reason it wasn't working bc Zelle was being extremely vague in their error messages as to why it wasn't working. I was bounced back and forth from my bank to Zelle, etc. And in the end? Nothing. Why don't people just stick with PayPal or Venmo?

Unable to join

Shows an error after entering my bank info. Tried multiple times, useless.

Still totally broken!

The good news is I was finally able to make an account after jumping through a lot of hoops and dodging error codes. The bad news is the app is super broken, and it won’t even let me login most of the time.

I very much enjoy this app

This is a very convenient way to send money. Thank you.

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