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Scammers Paradise

This app offers zero protection from fraud, despite advertising itself as being “secure.” Very frustrating: stick to paypal

Secure & Simple

Easy to setup & use. Backed by major banks. I don’t like the weekly limit because it forces me to pay my rent in 2 payments vs. all at once.


Open a new bank account to receive money and the bank was on there list then when I went to get the money I was told the bank was not offered yet so I will not receive my money... Nothing but a headache and waste of time.


I have been trying to send a family member $ for the past 24 hours However I have never ever had any problems with Zelle but now for some reason I am unable to send any $$ I don’t know what in the world is going on with this stupid app but I wish someone would respond to all the emails I have sent ......

Oops, looks like there’s a problem

Famous last words. Moving on to a service that works.


Need a better way of verifying accts someone can accidentally enter a number wrong and poof there’s goes your money maybe number and email verification?

This is been my go to money transfer app

I will start by saying I give it three stars because I love the fact that it’s instantaneously in your account when you receive money and the other person gets it immediately if you send it. A couple of daughters who regularly run out of money and I need to send the money immediately so they can use it at a gas pump sometimes which means I don’t have the time to wait around for PayPal to credit the account two or three days later. I will say one of the things I have found that keeps people from using it that I recommended it to is that the initial hook up or connection with someone can be challenging to set up at first if you don’t have patience. But once it’s set up it works like a charm every time. I do wish they would make the initial hook up a little easier or puts the instructions out there to give us best practices were using maybe there is instructions and I just didn’t see them.

Dont Accept phone number

I have several account in US banks but my cel number is from an US Territory. Cant setup.


This is a great app. It is super easy to use.

Very convenient!

Very convenient and super easy to use.

Customer Service please!!

Today I’ve called them 3 times to fix the same issue they promised they fixed. Gets old being stuck on hold for a total of 1hr just to have it to not work and have to call right back listen to the first people who literally does nothing but transfer you to someone else after 2mins of “gathering” info. I know this is a new app and I love the idea and all but you make it really difficult to want to stay and use the app. I can’t use the app if it doesn’t work. Maybe ask for feed back after the calls? Get people who can assist you faster and not be transfer to another person after 2 mins.

Very Limited

This app will only work with one account and only if it has a Debit card. It took two of their customer service people for me to “discover” this!

Super Fast

Very fast payment. Can’t send payments in many +$1,000 amounts because of safety limits. But frequent ~$200-$400 amounts are fine.

Money sent to me is gone

A friend sent me some money a week ago using Zella. I received the email notice but the money never appear in my bank account.

Horrible app

They won’t let me sign up and won’t give me a reason as to why. I received a payment on this app and can’t claim it

Just get VENMO

Never working

Easy and Efficient

Good darn ap. My dad even uses it which says a lot :)

Love it

I use this so my renters can pay me. I love it because it goes straight into my bank account and I don’t have to wait to get it and it doesn’t take out any percentage like some cash apps do.

I’m sorry

I gave a bad review a month ago. I was SO WRONG. I didn’t register correctly! I needed to register on both accounts I have in order to send money from one of my accounts to another account I owned. Wow I’m so sorry Zelle y’all Rock! Love Vicki


Awesome app


I downloaded the app and my first attempt to transfer it would not let me transfer saying I exceeded my daily transfer! VERY disappointed! Will be sticking with Venmo from now on!

Split wouldn’t work

When I tried to split money it would freeze.

Non-existent customer service

I’ve tried to contact Zelle’s customer service three times regarding a transaction, and have yet to receive a response. Ask yourself if you would choose to use a money-related app with unresponsive customer service?

Should be easier...

Tried to receive money two times and both failed. Contacted customer service and they failed too. They directed me to the sender then to my bank. Not worth it. Don’t waste your time.

Profile is locked for unknown reasons.

Tried transferring money from my Bank of America to my credit union. Failed after multiple attempts. Locked me out for no reason. Now the money I transferred is on hold for 14 days until my Zelle profile is unlocked

Just terrible

I can’t even sign in. By some miracle I got in long enough to get the money I needed a few weeks ago. I haven’t used it since. Now I need it again because it is an emergency and I can’t get past the login. Error 201 and device login something or another keeps popping up.

Don’t use the Zelle app...

Don’t use Zelle if your bank isn’t one of the partner banks, meaning you have to use the Zelle app (instead of your bank’s app) and you have to contact Zelle when you have a problem (which will happen all the time). I use Zelle to move money between my accounts at different banks. Zelle works the way it’s supposed to work when I send money through my (Zelle partner) bank’s app. When I try to send money through the Zelle app, I get all kinds of errors. The Zelle app is already buggy to start (login failure errors, incorrect code errors, etc). Usually, closing the app and re-opening fixes these errors. However, I can’t send money using the app. When I call Zelle customer service, I keep getting transferred to Tier 2 support. I never speak to anyone on Tier 2 because I finally hang up after being on hold for 45+ minutes. Also, there is a weekly sending limit of $300 when you use the Zelle app. This isn’t mentioned on the Zelle website. I like Zelle as a service when it’s offered by my bank. If there’s a problem, I can call my bank. I don’t like Zelle if I’m using the Zelle app or calling Zelle customer support, because they’re terrible at both.


Will work with some credit unions but limits on amounts that can be sent. Also quits working at times. Can’t edit credit card info (new exp date, etc).

Doesn’t work for me.

This app got me all the way to the complete stage the first time with no conf code and just sat in thinking mode for a very long time. Closed and it out to restart for second time. Got conf code and thought I was on to really completing it, but still sat in thinking mode and didn’t complete. If this is normal, would be nice to let user know it could take 10 mins or longer. Deleted the app and reinstalled. Now, locks up at the stage where entering phone number. Not sure from my perspective how this app is getting 4.1 ⭐️ rating.

This service blows if you are not on their bank network

Huge pain to try and register a debit card. Run away.

Terribly designed, awful customer support

One of the worst financial apps I’ve ever used, with complete rock-bottom customer support.

No security

No security is required to send money —it does not ask for your password —it does not ask for your fingerprint —very dangerous app

Fast and safe

Zelle make money transfer enjoyable .


Oh my goodness. My son was down to 2.46 cents in his bank account we set up the app and boom literally 4second he received the money in his bank account. Set it up with email and mobile . This app is super awesome. Thank you Zelle for making life simple. Amen


Someone sent me $$ on this app and I can’t install the app to receive the money. I’ve been trying for over an hour and nothing.

Where to start?

The app verification process is awful. The verification email takes at least 15-20 minutes to receive and the app has to stay open the entire time otherwise the verification code will not work. Secondly, the app refreshes on its own, so when you do get the verification code it will not work. If it takes more than 15 minutes, let alone more than an hour to set up an app it isn’t worth the aggravation.

Bad just BAD

Tried to sign up the code from your email takes 5-10mins to appear and the code doesnt even work terrible app never again bye i usually dont write reviews either so it just proves how bad this app was

Not ready

Zero costumer support. System does not send verification code to send money. Why if I login I have to get again get a verification code. What a waste. Of course, let the bankers do a crappy job. They need to hire some crypto currency developers and have them fix the issue. How can I de register my number? My account is locked and no way to get it back.


My boss insisted I get this crappy app! It wouldn’t install on my phone, and lo and behold, within 10 days I had multiple fraudulent transactions on my card! Not safe! Bad bad bad app

Does not work!

Was using Clearxchange for years without a problem. Zelle takes over and now you have to have a certain type of bank card for the app to work. They automatically deactivate your clearxchange a point so if you do switch make sure you bank card is accepted by them prior to letting them close your avoiding without your consent. Horribly business practice.

Bad beyond words

Zelle is so bad I have directed my people that we will no longer accept payments via Zelle. If a buyer wants to use Zelle we will direct them to a different payment system or refer them to a different vendor. The lost time working with Zelle is too costly for the little bit of good it does. I only wish there were negative stars.

This app is the worst

There’s nothing more to say.

It took five days

I was unaware when I sent a payment through on Friday at 7 pm that they still would have no notification of a payment (pending or otherwise) until Tuesday.....I will never use this app again. It should disclose that has limitations similar to a bank! I could have hand delivered the check by now! Not at all convenient! Spent more time on the phone with Zelle and person trying to get paid thereby negating Amy convenience. You should take a cue out of Venmo’s playbook.

Don’t waste your time

Downloaded the app since my bank does use this service, after an entire day attempting to set up my account so I can retrieve the money they sent me decided to call customer service since The app kept telling me that the verification code sent was wrong, it took close to to 45 mins to receive a code every time. Called twice got disconnected, when finally got in touch with someone she tells me to “wait an hour and try again”, I guess they are having problems with it. Don’t you think you should notify the users attempting to use your services?!!! Maybe a message to let people know you are not working for an entire business day? Don’t waste your time, unless your bank supports it and use any other money app. I still haven’t been able to collect my money.

Only worked once

I installed this app on my phone, iPhone 7 and now I have the iPhoneX, at the end of last year and was able to use it once. Now my profile is locked and support can’t help me. Told me to call their 2nd level support and all I do is sit on hold for over an hour multiple times. Now I’ve just been told that they are having technical difficulties with their 2nd level support and won’t be able to help me. He said that I won’t be able to use this app until they fix their 2nd level support issue. Such a waste of app and time!!

Help please?

This app is so frustrating! I can’t even get past the verification code screen because every time I request a code, it takes more than 10 minutes to send and then the code doesn’t even work because the app timed out. Would love to be able to get past this first screen.


I love makes everything easier also goes right to your bank


Mind Blowing Drugs had to be used when this app was developed. I’ll like some of that!

It won’t work

Just as described by others, it do ant work if you have a pre paid cell phone number.


Worked great for me, my bank uses them, sent money & receiving party received immediately with no fees!

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