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I had a horrible experience with this app.My dad sent me money so I downloaded Zelle to receive it.It was not compatible with my bank,so I put my card info in.It would not accept my card info either.I called the customer service line to figure out what was going on and they couldn’t get it figured out at all.There were so many technical difficulties while on the phone I had to hang up.Ill stick to Venmo.


DO NOT PUT YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION INTO THIS APP THAT SCAMS AND FRAUDS PEOPLE FOR THEIR MONEY. My experience was horrible because this app took my personal debit card information, but did not allow my phone to enroll. Therefore, this company has my personal information stored away and will not get rid of it even though it does not want to enroll me. My attorneys have been contacted because of this fraud case. I urge everyone not to rely on this fake app.

Not easy nor user friendly

Not sure how this app passed the proof of concept phase. There is no reason that phone provider, phone model, or software version should affect me getting my money. The point of an app is to be accessible by mobile devises. Had to wait 2 days for an email then another 2 days to figure out why I could not login. I was told to contact my mobile provider to have a short code block lifted. WTH is that?!!! Not user friendly. Complete Fail!

Needs better instructions but good

You seriously need to work on having better instructions on how to set it up. After it took me to my banks app, I had no idea what to do. It took me over 30 minutes to figure it out because it didn’t say where to go next. Other than that it’s a good app to have.

Only works with big name email domains

I was told that the two email addresses I tried to use to register cane from “insecure domains”. One was a major university .edu address. The tech support guy (that took days to get a hold of) then asked, “well, don’t you have a gmail?” Fail. Use PayPal.

It won’t let you log in

It won’t let me log onto my account, i changed passwords and everything, it still won’t let me long on. I called customer service they said they will call me back and never did. DO NOT GET THIS APP !!!

App stopped working

For some odd reason one I switched phones,the app won’t accept my number anymore and won’t accept my email through my bank anymore. I called customer service and was told “uh I’m unable to deactivate your email because it’s being used by your bank” which is a lie. I was placed on hold for over 30 minutes.... the issue is still unresolved. I feel as though this is becoming a scam and will soon report it to a fraud agency.

Horrific Experience!

Three calls later & advised - by Zelle 2nd tier support themselves! - NOT to use their app :)) !!!! and to rather use the bank's own app despite how slow that process is. Venmo & Square Cash must be laughing their heads off - back to them I go!

Zelle Card

A Zelle Card should be made to be used that would be a perfect

Can I give zero stars???

Used this app and I’m unable to log in because I received a new debit card, so it locked me out. I contacted customer service 5 TIMES all with an hour wait every time!!!! I was told that I would be contacted for further assistance and over a month later, I still have never heard from anyone!!!! The last phone call that I had I was actually told by their customer service that I should use PayPal while I’m waiting for a response. I should have just used PayPal instead!!! Worst app I’ve ever used!!!

Do not use!!!!

I wish it had negative stars! I down loaded it and they only take debit cards, my credit union does not use Zell,so I had to let them have to easy of access to my bank account for the first place! Then after two months of not using it, the app made me call them and sit on hold to do what they needed to do. While on the phone waiting for them to reinstate the app the representative wanted to know my pin on the back of my card of my debit. I guess I’m old school but I don’t give anyone that number. I told the rep to delete my information and I would delete the app. So why make me call Zell, once I already gave them two months ago? I don’t want to do this every time I want to use the app! At least PayPal let’s you use which payment methods you want! GOOD BYE Zell happy not to know you or use you ever again!!

Unbelievable hold time

I have been holding for over 1 hour so I thought I’d have my friend try calling as well on the same issue. She’s been holding for 45 minutes and we have been given three different case numbers for the my issue. Also when you dial the 844 phone they will assign a claim and advise you they will hang up after 2 minutes which turns out to be 30 seconds and I’m sure it’s because they are well aware of the hold times. This is the worst app if your bank doesn’t offer Zelle. No incentive to use it ever again. CashApp is MUCH BETTER! -1 for me.

Disaster app

I have tried for days to link my debit card. It meets the requirements and I’ve checked for problems with my bank. I was trying again after an error notice, then while I was entering my info was “timed out due to inactivity”, and when I started over my “account was locked”. Finally got through to customer service, “sorry, card must not be compatible”.


I had used Zelle maybe twice and wanted to cancel my profile because I closed the account associated with it. The people I spoke to were beyond rude. The rudest I have ever encountered in customer service. I will tell anyone and everyone I can to avoid Zelle. My account wasn’t deleted and they were told it’s now permanently locked and can never be resolved. TERRIBLE!

Encoured many to join, 0 to figure out how

Once installed, the best app on the market. Personally use between very savvy IT users with 0 problems. Installation Experience: Logic of steps along with horribly named objects prevent other users from setting up. Have even been advised a user threw his phone at wall. Most just give up and go to Venmo, which I will reluctantly use due to security issues. App Install Problems: Most quit while trying to link their bank and debit card to their Zelle acct. If Users are lucky or patient enough to jump through the hoops, they will fail in the next “oodaloop”. The next oodaloop will present a circular problem sure to produce up to 12 new verification codes, and three new passwords. Most Users do not have the stamina. Hmmm, maybe that is a built in security feature? If so, not a very good one if I can’t use to pay or receive payment. Next steps for phone apps: Relabel “Get Started” with “Send or Receive Pmt” Add settings to first page. Ensure phone will receive verification code without losing place in set up process. Ask new User to test app set up while you observe and without interference. Good luck with that one.

Took my bank and personal info and didn’t allow me to finish creating my account.

Took my personal info and bank account info and never let me finish creating my account. But my info is saved because it is connecting to my bank every time I tried. I feel like they violated my trust by just taking my sensitive info and never let me even use the app. Please let me know how I can delete the bank and personal info!!!


Don’t use this app especially if someone is requesting you to download for a purchase Zelle does nothing to help with investigations to recover lost/stolen funds!!!

Waste of time

They need to be more specific if you have a bank like Wright Patt credit Union don’t even try to fool with them it’s useless. Your card is non-compatible, Waste of time and add a space don’t even do it!!!

Terrible customer service

A monthly debit into my account, that’s been regularly happening for five years, all of a sudden couldn’t happen today. I quickly figured out that I needed to change my debit card on my profile and tried to do so on the app. The app wouldn’t let me do it and said that I had to contact them. So, I called customer service and after waiting for 15 minutes to get a hold of someone, all I got was someone reading a service manual and who simply repeated my own words back to me for 6 minutes. He finally puts on hold, only to tell me that I have to call them back. He gave me a case number. I waited a few hours and tried to change my debit card on Zelle’s website. THE WEBSITE ADOES NOT LET YOU DO THAT so I’m stuck calling them again! The second call resulted in a 25-minute wait to get a hold of someone. This customer service rep told me that based on their “proprietary algorithm that he cannot share with me” they put a 24-hour hold on my account and I have to wait until tomorrow to change my debit card. I simply couldn’t understand why they would take it upon themselves to be so disruptive WITH MY ACCOUNT AND MONEY so I asked to speak with his supervisor. The rep said his supervisor is not available and he will put me on queue to get a callback. 🤬 Completely random nonsense that I will not put up with. 😡

Impossible to setup

Ridiculously poor onboarding experience and clear they just don't care. A) Won't let you paste a password (such as those of us that use a password manager) B) Has no way to contact support during setup C) Wont work with etrade debit cards but provides no reason why D) Doesn't work with non-apple keyboards like Swype

Great. Fast $ transfer!

Downloaded the app with ease. Received money and it was instantlyTransferred to my bank. No pending status, no fees. Just instant money transfer. This is such a great app if you and other friends don’t have the same bank.

Don’t use zelle

You will have better luck using Venmo or PayPal. They claim it takes a couple of minutes but that is a lie. Also, customer services is terrible. they keep telling me to do they same solution over and over again like the 100th time would work. Bad service and bad app.

Too Cumbersome to be useful with my bank

To use this service with USAA is less convenient than snail mailing a check or walking to an ATM to get money and carry it back. My bank’s app is biased to outward transfers but not incoming transfers. It’s very cumbersome setting up with them. We spent a half hour on the phone and more online to merely accept a transfers and failed. I realize all these limits are caused by my bank, not Zelle which may be a convenience elsewhere. Perhaps you can advise USAA how better to enable Zelle for their customers.

Don't risk it

I put in my correct credit card information only to be given an error message and to contact support. Complete lack of security.

Can’t use prepaid debit card

After 5 phone calls to customer support encompassing 1 hour & 45 minutes of my day I was finally informed that being on the receiving end of a money transfer my prepaid reloadable debit card can’t be used on Zelle. VERY UNFRIENDLY SERVICE!!!


Y’all need to let cash app be an option on the app because I’m trying to get fortnite so yeah work that out

Horrible Customer Service

So I email for help and they answer to call a phone number, when you call it tell you press X number for this reason and when you do it just repeat the message, it finally understands it takes 20 minutos for a representative to answer!!!

Garbage customer service and App

Read all of the one star reviews before trying to enroll in this service via this app. Their customer service is absolute garbage. In short, the app locked me out and told me to contact customer service. After a couple hours on hold and 2 different reps, they simply told me that I was not eligible to use the service. They couldn’t tell me why. Just told me to pound sand. Terrible app and terrible customer service.

Terrible!!!! Shady folks!!!

Parents sent money for my sons birthday and I’m automatically locked out of the account that I’m registering. I called them and they said they don’t take my card. All upfront info on this app says “download app if you don’t see your bank here...” Talked to one person and then their manager only to find out that they can’t do anything and that my parents will need to cancel the deposit through their bank and of course they’re not going to cover the cancellation fee...But they can send it back to them in 14 days... But overall she said it was because my card didn’t do some automatic funding, I cannot remember the term she used but I sure as heck didn’t see it on the user agreement to make sure my card could or could not do that before they sent it!!! Just a warning that some cards might not work...but you’ll never find out until someone sends you money and it just plain doesn’t work!! Hope you weren’t in desperate need!!! Surely would never be worth any of this hassle and I will make sure to Facebook this ordeal and forward it out to anyone and everyone!!! Shady, shady, shady!!!

Scam app w no human customer service

Zelle has been hanging onto $2700 of my funds. My bank can see that they have not released them. Emails to Zelle result in an automated response referring to their phone number which has only a phone tree and no access to customer service representatives. Stick with Google pay or Venmo

Hardly any effort put in App development

When I try to enter the recipient email to send money, the app doesn’t support Paste, so I must type it in. If I make an error, I cannot move the insertion point to correct my mistake. Instead I have to backspace all the way to the mistake and then re-enter the remaining characters. This app doesn’t allow me to setup recurring payments, so for example, if I owe a roommate the same amount for rent each month, I have to enter his email and the payment amount each month. I can’t set it up to auto pay him. Zelle really should put some more effort into developing a more robust application.

Red Flag

I received a notice I received money. I knew the sender and was expecting money via PayPal. But he chose Zelle. I then downloaded the app and followed all instructions, including two debit cards. I called, after talking with one operator, I was transfer to a second level assistance... I waited for 20min. And called again, the second operator said if I didn’t want to hold for an hour I could call the sender and h e them cancel the money sent via Zelle. That, will be my next call. I pray this is not a scam!

A joke

Used the app for 3 weeks. All of a sudden I’m logged out due to inactivity-even though it was used several times a week, so I go to log in and my account is locked?! Call customer service was on hold for 45 minutes when the representative comes back on the line to tell me I’m no longer eligible to use Zelle?! Her only explanation was the server they’re using was no longer compatible with my account! But... She wouldn’t acknowledge which account, my bank or their app. Seems sketchy to work fine an then out of no where become no longer compatible while they hold my bank info!

What’s the point?

Didn’t have any of my banks listed, nor accepted any of my credit/debit cards. Kept saying they were ineligible...

Doesn’t seem to go past the Bank Selection

I’ve tried numerous times even linked it to my bank which my bank is USAA but even after linking it, the app still doesn’t go past the bank selection screen. I can’t use it because of that.

Not secure prone to fraudulent transactions

Account was hacked. Not secure. Noticed on my bank account two 300.00 fraudulent transactions from Zelle. No recent activity was listed on Zelle account. Called Zelle and they said there's no way someone could've hacked my account. Filed a dispute with bank.

Zelle don’t work

I downloaded Zelle and sent money to my son I Fl. The next day I tried to send money again . Message wrong password and it locked me out. The same thing happened to my wife. We both deleted the app back to PayPal .

Lack of a caring touch

This application/service has systemic problems that are inexcusable in today’s modern global economy. Wells Fargo and Bank of America seriously missed the boat by partnering with this company. I have been unable to set my account/service up via the mobile application for 3 days now. I have been referred to the “second level” support team for assistance with my issue. BTW, no one had informed me what the issue is. Total time on hold over the last 3 days has been 3 hours. I am currently on hold timing at 28 minutes and 40 seconds. If the company I work for had a 30 min wait time, for one day, I guarantee that it would be fixed in less than 24 hours. Simply stating that we are aware of the issue is not enough. Besides the wait times, the more important issue is the money my wife sent to our other account is inaccessible. Zelle is too big of a company to have this issue. Management should be held accountable.

Doesn’t work.

It won’t accept my number, yet worked on another phone under the same network. Lame sauce.

Poorly built app, bad customer support

Bad. Just bad. It’s 2018, get it together, it’s not rocket science to properly staff people and hire good developers. If you partner with the best, you better play like them. Worst app experience of the year by far

Best thing to happen to online banking

I love Zelle because it is incredibly efficient. I can send money in seconds between my accounts in different institutions. Best P2P payment system out there. Why use venmo or the cash app when you have Zelle.

Yeah- doesn’t work

Tried at least six times to get it setup. Doesn’t connect to my bank. Tried on mobile network and wireless. It’s faster to write a check and mail it. At least that works.

Doesn’t work

I’ve used it before and it worked and then yesterday I tried again and it wouldn’t work. It kept giving me an error message. I uninstalled it and reinstalled and still. I called customer service and I was on hold for 20 minuets so I hung up and used Venmo. I will never use Zelle again.

Doesn’t work

I deleted it and DL it twice, will not work on my IPhone X. App freezes up..

In network banks

If you have a in network bank use your bank app as supposed to makes it easier and you don’t have to call in sign up through your mobile bank app prepaid and business cards or PayPal won’t work so stop trying

Locked out of account because it wouldn’t let me login

I created an account and made my first payment and everything was fine. When I exited out of the app and came back, it didn’t let me login to my account. It kept saying “get started” and I had to keep typing in verification codes and they all said incorrect, then I finally figured out I had to cancel the verification page to get to the real login page (I have no idea why it’s that complicated). But my TouchID wouldn’t work because it locked me out of my account because of all the previous “wrong” verification codes that shouldn’t of been needed in the first place. How do I unlock my account? Terrible first experience

Customer service is an affront human decency

In all my years I have never run across such a blatant attempt to scam someone as zelle demonstrated. Over a 5 day period, and many hours spent trying to retrieve money I finally had to give up and have the person sending me money cancel the transaction. Fortunately they were able to get their money back. Every time I called, I was told they could t do anything for me and they would transfer me to the second level. Never was able to speak to a human even though I spent a few hours total on hold. I think they are more interested in collecting data than performing a service. Am considering changing my bank account now, as I can only imagine the jeopardy my old account is in now. Don’t Trust these guys for a second.

Definition of Garbage

Can’t use password manager, copy paste password not allowed, no desktop online portal, no linking to bank, debit card only, verification process takes too long when opening account. Want to cancel? Have to call (read other’s comments about calling this joke of a company...) If you hate your friends and family or simply want a divorce, send money using Zelle and force someone to open an account today! Seriously, Zelle is garbage.

Very bad customer service

My friend sent me money on this app and I was trying to set it up to use it. I got error messages in the set up process, called customer service they transferred me to someone who is “higher up”, waited for nearly an hour and just gave up. I will not be downloading this app again!

The worst customer phone tree

Money sent. Can’t get through the phone system to find a human. The say call your bank. I did and my bank does not have it. I’ll never use them again. terrible.

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